Roasted Fruit

Roasted Fruit [Usable]
[Monster Drop] HP 50

Quest: Let's collect the roasted fruit popular in the faraway region as a snack!
Reward: Regera I x3
Experience: 15360 Exp
Objective: Roasted Fruit x12
Location: Sofya City - Zono
Chocolate Ooze (Lv30)
[Usable] Roasted Fruit
[See Map] - [Underground Channel] - [Underground Channel]

Roca (Lv18)
[Usable] Roasted Fruit
[Strength] Earth
[Weakness] Fire
[See Map] - [Witeka Scorched Plains] - [Witeka Scorched Plains]

Butterfly Ribbon [Additional]
Material 1: Butterfly Wing x25
Material 2: Fairy Nose x2
Material 3: Roasted Fruit x10
Material 4: Metal x75
Price: 150 Spina