Toram has an amazing Combat System that uses Combos.

Combos let you add a bunch of skills to be executed with a starting skill. Many skills in Toram give bonuses to other skills, so its very useful to pair them up together. In addition, Toram lets you add modifiers to these skills. These modifiers can reduce MP Cost, Cast Time, and increase damage.

To activate Combos, you first have to learn a minimum of 10 skills. You will see a Combo Menu under Character and Skills. You start with 2 Combo Points (CP). You can use these 2 CP to create a small 2-hit combo. You can level up your Combos to get more CP. Then you can create larger Combos.

Below is a list of Combo Modifiers:

Combo Modifier Description
Consecutive The MP cost of the skillis lowered according to the combo count but the damage will also be lowered.
Invincible Not Implemented
Mind's Eye The skill will stop if the target has the resistance against the status ailment inflicted by this skill.
Save Activates the skill without using MP but the damage will greatly be lowered. The damage of the following skills will also be lowered. If MP is still left, the MP cost of the last skill will increase.
Smite The damage of the skill increases and the damage of the next skill decreases. If there is no skill next, the MP cost of this skill increases.
Swift The movement for the skill gets faster. (Invalid for some skills.)
Tenacity Activates the skill using HP even if MP is not enough. The skill damage decreases as the HP cost gets higher.