Crystal Powder

Quest: The materials for Yunis' working clothes are so expensive. Let's collect the materials for him!
Experience: 47000 Exp
Location: Sofya City - Yunis
Flying Quartz (Lv44)
[Material] Crystal Powder
[Strength] Water
[Weakness] Wind
[See Map] - [Ethos Fortress] - [Ethos Fortress]

Dragon Ears [Additional]
Material 1: Little Wyvern Wing x20
Material 2: Tough Dragon Skin x20
Material 3: Crystal Powder x20
Material 4: Cloth x150
Price: 300 Spina

Scale Shield [Shield]
Material 1: Thick Green Scale x15
Material 2: Crystal Powder x20
Material 3: Beast x90
Material 4: Wood x35
Price: 250 Spina

Stab-Proof Sheet [Usable]
Material 1: Hard Bird Feather x1
Material 2: Crystal Powder x1
Material 3: Medicine x99
Price: 285 Spina