Enhancer Crysta

Ancient Empress II [Enhancer Crysta]
[Monster Drop] MATK 5%, CSPD 30%, Short Range Damage -20%, Upgrade for undefined

Iconos [Enhancer Crysta]
[Monster Drop] Reinforced Crista (Advance Crista) site: Override only body equipment Crista: ? Boss roga effect: Maximum HP + 2000, Weapon ATK + 2%

Memecoleous [Enhancer Crysta]
[Monster Drop] ATK -4%, Guard Rate 5%, Aggro 12%, Upgrade for undefined

Salamander [Enhancer Crysta]
[Monster Drop] Strengthening Krista (Advanced Krista) all sites can be mounted Krista to overwrite: Gespenst effect: maximum MP + 200, ATK + 1% , MATK + 1%

Tipa [Enhancer Crysta]
[Monster Drop] Reinforcement Crista (Advance Crista) site: Override only special equipment Crista: ? Ecstatic Crystal Effect: Attack MP Recovery +10


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